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HP Envy Note 8 convertible tablet in the pipeline with Win 10, stylus support

An extra-productive slate doesn’t necessarily have to be big, and a Surface Pro 3 contender can be manufactured by a Microsoft partner, not just one of its arch-rivals.

HP Stream 8

Look out, Apple, as HP might be aiming at your spanking new, overpriced iPad Pro with a smaller, more compact, and cheaper Envy Note 8. It better be affordable, since it obviously sports an 8-inch display, and falls behind even the non-Pro $499 Surface 3 in terms of processing power, as it barely packs an Intel Atom x5-8300 SoC.

The chip is part of the Cherry Trail family, and thus should at least outpace Bay Trail devices while keeping the lights on for relatively lengthy stints between charges. Especially when docked into an optional, full-sized keyboard station, which may add battery juice in the equation aside from the self-evident functionality enhancement.

Typists only make up a piece of HP Envy Note 8’s target audience, with business consumers always on the move, and artistically inclined tablet users also catered to. That’s right, as the market name unsubtly indicates, the versatile 8 incher will wield a stylus accessory, which may or may not come bundled in the standard, “low-cost” package.

Although the PC producer’s Swiss website briefly listed the Envy 8 Note or Note 8 with a spec sheet and price, we’re not ready to take the CHF 699 ($730) tag for granted yet. Not even in a 4G LTE-enabled configuration with an Active Pen and physical keyboard in tow.

That’s too much to ask for a Windows 10 machine further featuring 64 GB internal storage space, microSD support, micro USB 2.0 connectivity, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth, GPS, and 5 MP autofocus rear camera, measuring 0.3 inches thick and tipping the scales at 430 grams by itself.

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