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HP announces new displays for creative professionals and SMBs


Despite the recent dismissal of their CEO and appointing a new one, HP has continued to unveil their new range of products. This time, it is their new displays which include the performance series featuring LED backlit IPS panels – ZR2740w, ZR2440w, ZR2240w and ZR2040w; the HP Compaq LE2202x Essential Display and the HP Compaq LA2206xc WLD backlit LCD Monitor.

HP has announced new additions of affordable and powerful displays to its portfolio, designed for creative professionals and businesses. The displays include the company’s first 27-inch performance display with more than 1 billion colors, and the industry’s first sub-US$200 display with in-plane switching (IPS) technology.

The four new HP ZR-series Performance Displays – HP ZR2740w, ZR2440w, ZR2240w and ZR2040w – are aimed at professionals in animation, game development, broadcast, computer-aided design, design and graphic arts. They come with light-emitting diode (LED) backlights for a slim industrial design, more robust colors and the elimination of mercury. All of HP’s ZR series displays employ IPS technology for ultrawide viewing angles and offer up to 10 times higher contrast ratios when viewed from an angle as compared to mainstream monitors that use twisted nematic (TN) technology.

The HP Compaq LE2202x features LED technology for enhanced color performance and a thinner profile than previous HP Essential Displays. The LE2202x provides full high definition 1920 x 1080 native resolution with 3,000,000:1 DCR, 170°/160° viewing angles, and fast 5ms response times that offer crisp and detailed views. It sports a small footprint and comes with Display Assistant Software that enables intelligent theft deterrence, impactful energy savings, convenient desktop partitioning, and customizable picture quality. The 21.5-inch diagonal panel is BFR/PVC-, mercury- and arsenic-free, and the display’s flat packaging reduces waste and shipping cost.

The HP Compaq LA2206xc WLD backlit LCD monitor is designed for businesses looking to improve the way they collaborate and communicate with team members and customers, while saving time and money. The 21.5-inch widescreen monitor comes with a built-in webcam using HP MyRoom for real-time collaboration right from your desk. Pricing and availability for the HP displays in Asia Pacific will be announced in the coming weeks.

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