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HP, Acer unveil upgraded Haswell-powered Chromebooks, Toshiba, Asus make their Chrome OS debuts

And just like that, Chromebooks and Chromeboxes have become mainstream. I presume, since Google and Intel have earlier today unveiled four, count’em four new Chrome OS-based computing machines, including two manufactured by newcomers Toshiba and Asus.

New Chromebooks

HP and Acer have themselves brought to light a Chromebook each, the biggest upgrade compared with previous contenders being the featuring of zippier and less power-hungry Intel Haswell chips.

HP’s new Chromebook 14 is the one with the most details attached to its name, including pricing ($299.99 and up) and (vague) ETA – shipping “before the holiday season”. Just like its predecessor, aka the Pavilion Chromebook 14, the new guy sports a mediocre 1,366 x 768 pix res display, as well as a lightweight 16 GB SSD.

On the bright side, the raw power and battery life departments should get considerable boosts following the Haswell upgrade, with Google going so far as to claim the new Chromebook will hold its own for a whopping 9.5 hours on a single charge.


That’s bold, but not impossible. Meanwhile, as far as design goes, HP’s laptop doesn’t seem to have received a drastic makeover, although it will come in a number of exotic colors, including “Ocean Turquoise” and “Coral Peach”.

Moving on, we have a new Acer Chromebook, whose name or model number are still kept under wraps and that’s basically for last year’s C7 exactly what HP’s new Chromebook 14 is for the old Pavilion 14.


Namely, an almost exact doppelganger in terms of looks (even if the new 11.6-incher is thinner and lighter than its forefather), with most of the same specs, but a major edge as far as speed and autonomy are concerned.

As for Asus and Toshiba’s freshman efforts in the Chrome OS niche, they’re still oddly covered in mystery, which might mean they’ll not make their way to the market in time for the holidays. What we do know about them is that the Toshiba Chromebook offers “versatility and portability”, while the Asus Chromebox is “suitable anywhere you need a computer”. Yeah, so nothing specific, I’m afraid.

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