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How to make your own BB-8 droid from ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’


What exactly do you need to make a BB-8 droid?

When BB-8 rolled onto the stage at the Star Wars Celebration convention last week, we wondered what intergalactic tech were used to build the bot.  Amazingly enough BB-8’s origin isn’t anywhere far.  As a matter of fact you can create your own BB-8 replica with some pretty simple off the shelf components.

First you’ll need a Sphero Bluetooth RC Ball, some polyurethane foam, and neodymium magnets.  Essentially what you’ll do is split the Sphero Ball in half and pop in a magnet.  Once that’s done you’ll form the foam into the shape of the droid’s head and add to it a magnet also.  The finalized product is a miniature BB-8 that would likely impress everyone with your engineering prowess.  The only problem is you’ll probably need to brush up on your painting skills to make sure the hacked Sphero Ball and foam looks somewhat like the real thing.

Dying to test out your hacking skills and artistic abilities?  Check out the original BB-8 Sphero creation blog and the video below!

[youtube id=”yu6x9sJCGfo”]

Source: Christian Poulsen 

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