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Go Big or Go Home: LG’s V40 Is a 5-Camera Behemoth

It’s an arms race in the mobile phone industry. First was the big push to dual-camera modules, first debuted on the HTC One M8 in 2014, and revived on the LG G5 in 2016. Today, virtually every flagship smartphone sports a dual-lens shooter on its rear (I’m looking at you, Sony). Just months ago, Chinese mobile giant Huawei one-upped all the phones with the triple-camera array on the Huawei P20 Pro.

In an exposé by Android Police, LG’s next V-series smartphone might pack a total of five cameras on board. At present, we are still unaware of how these cameras will be arranged, but most educated guesses point toward a three-rear, two-front arrangement. While the three-camera rear array had been implemented to great fanfare on the Huawei P20 Pro, this marks the first time we’re seeing a dual front-facing camera set-up alongside the triple rear camera array.

While the three camera array on the rear has a challenging competitor in the Huawei P20 Pro’s Leica-pedigree 40, 20 and 8-megapixel shooters, we are uncertain about what their approach will be at present.

The twin-front facing cameras, first found on the LG V10, have proven useful by providing two focal lengths for better-fitting selfies with different numbers of participants. However, the source was only able to confirm that it would be housed in a notch (cue collective groan), and will be used for a 3D-sensing face-unlock feature.

Amongst the features to be brought over from the V30 is the rear fingerprint sensor and quad DAC (which probably means a 3.5mm port, hopefully). Borrowed from the latest LG G7 ThinQ+ is the notch, though there would probably be an option to hide it. There will also be a dedicated Google Assistant button near the volume rocker.

LG has lost much ground to competitors Huawei, Google and Samsung in smartphone photography. The LG V10 and 20 were lauded for their best-in-class performance and innovate features and design like an always-on second screen, and military-grade drop resistance. However, later models, though decent performers, were eclipsed by the field.

Going by launch dates of previous V-series phones, we can expect the phone to be released in the third quarter of this year between September and October.

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