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House of Marley’s Get Together Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($398) Review

House of Marley has established itself as a solid audio company right here in Singapore. The Get Together Bluetooth Speaker distributed by TwoBros is crafted in exquisite bamboo wood and it might just be the boombox you need for your next party.



Not too big, but not too small either. The Get Together is a medium-sized audio machine that’s light and compact enough to grab with an arm, but not as portable as your mini-BT speakers like the X-Mini.

For an all-purpose portable boombox, the Get Together is large enough to deliver a crowd-pleasing performance, but at the same time, easy to bring around to your gatherings and outdoor parties.


The beautiful wooden design of the Get Together speakers gives it a very rustic but modern feel. Most speakers nowadays have difficulty striking a balance between a futuristic high-tech look and a warm and cozy feel. That’s where speakers like the Get Together shine. The aesthetics of the House of Marley Get Together makes it appealing to both the male and female personas and carries itself well in most modern homes and even in the rugged outdoors.

The fabric component of the HoM Get Together is the “Rewind” fabric, made of organic cotton, plastic bottles and hemp, which is the company’s signature for going green.

Audio Quality



Everyone wants to know how the bass sounds. It’s good, it’s present, but it’s not superb. I wouldn’t call it subpar, but it could certainly be improved upon. These portable speakers are not built for heavy EDM listeners or punk rock lovers. There isn’t much of an “umph” when you blast these speakers.


As you go higher up the frequency, the Get Together performs better and better. There is a certain clarity to the mids that feels rich and impressive.


The trebles on the Get Together are superb. There isn’t any cold hissing sounds when you play high-pitched sounds that often come with portable speakers.


Vocals that focus on the mids and trebles perform spectacularly. The clarity on these Get Together are nothing short of amazing.

The clarity of the vocals and acoustic sounds on these bamboo wood powerhouse feels so good it’s as if, Ed Sheeran were strumming his guitar right in front of you. It really is perfect for singalongs at your gatherings.


Another thing to note about the Get Together is its ability to reproduce music well even at high volumes. The maximum volume of the Get Together is loud. The maximum volume is quite deafening indoors, which makes it great for outdoor blasting when the ambient white noise is loud as well.

Battery Life


This BT speaker can last about 8-10 hours on a single charge for an all-day party which works great. However, if you run out of juice halfway, just connect a wire to it and you are set to go. HoM bluetooth devices always give you the option of wire/wireless connections which is awesome and considerate of them. Who has the time to charge their devices after a tiring party right?


These House of Marley Get Together Bluetooth Speakers are remarkably-designed and well-suited for acoustic music that has a strong emphasis on vocals. The maximum volume of this beautiful device is also rather massive, which makes it ideal for outdoor gatherings. If the HoM Get Together could have chipped in a more punchy bass, it would have been a much more powerful boombox.

Zayne Seah
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