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Hot Deal: Duke Nukem 3D free to Mac and PC users for a limited time

Looking to relive the glorious early days of PC video gaming then GOG.com has the perfect offering for both PC and Mac users – Duke Nukem 3D for free.

Years ago, back in the stone age of computer gaming two of my favorite games were Doom and Duke Nukem, both of which I lost many hours too so when I heard today that GOG.com was offering up Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition for free but with a nice twist – there is a version for both PC and Mac users.

While the newest reboot of Duke Nukem is less than enjoyable, the classic version is pure joy to play and really belongs in any serious gamers collection. You will need to have a GOG.com account but the game from GOG.com is totally DRM free and comes with both a PDF manual and, amazingly enough, over a hundred ringtones. Heck the deal is worth it just for the ringtones. Just imagine your phone playing some of the most classic lines in video game history.

The game is available until 9:59am EST on December 14th.

What are you still doing here?

via The Verge

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