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For Honor open beta is now available for pre-load

Ubisoft’s latest action title For Honor is making its debut on February 14, and this weekend, the company is kicking off an open beta that lets players get a taste of the game ahead of its launch. The beta is available on all three platforms — PC, PS4, or Xbox One — and if you haven’t had a chance to participate in the closed beta that finished last week, then you’ll need to download the game from scratch.

To download the open beta, you’ll need to launch Uplay and head to the Free Games list. If you’re on Steam, you need to go to this link and hit the Install Now button to download and install the game. Those on the Xbox One and PS4 will need to go to the store pages on either console to download the beta.

The beta comes in at 19GB, so if you’re on a slower internet connection, it’s time to get started with the download if you want to play the beta by the time it kicks off on February 9. It’ll run through February 12, and includes a new mode called Elimination that features 4v4 combat with best of five rounds. Three other modes from the closed beta — Dominion, Brawl, and Duel — return, as do the nine heroes.

Ahead of the beta, Ubisoft rolled out a new trailer showcasing a battle sequence:

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