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Hole-Punch Displays Are Here: Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei Nova 4 Leaks

In their incessant quest to achieve the ultimate all-screen, no-bezel display, manufacturers have pulled all sorts of tricks to that end. Slimming chins and receding foreheads not enough – many have resorted to the use of the now ubiquitous display notch. Used to house vital front-facing sensors and elements, these are usually cutouts from the edge of the display.

Samsung announces a line of new display options, including the Infinity-O suspected to feature on the upcoming Galaxy S10. Image: Samsung

But notch-haters can breathe a sigh of relief – these intrusive aberrations might soon be history. Samsung had teased an “Infinity-O” display at a developer conference weeks ago, and increasingly prevalent leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone seem to suggest it would sport a tiny circular cutout to the top left of the display – just like if you took a single hole punch to a corner of a card.

The Huawei Nova 4 has also made its debut on Chinese television, as part of a live telecast celebrating singer Jackson Yee’s birthday. The Verge reports that the Nova 4 will be announced December 3.

Huawei’s Nova 4 was revealed ahead of its upcoming launch at a live telecast in China.

Incredible strides have been taken by several Android manufacturers in creating a true bezel-less display, including piezo-electric speakers to enable audio to pass straight through the display, and ultrasound technology to sense proximity (usually used to turn off the display when you put your phone into your pocket or up to your ear for a call) without surface-level sensors.

However, visible “chins”still feature prominently on virtually all Android devices – the iPhone X had managed to achieve an even bottom bezel by folding the display to hide the controller within the phone.



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