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Hitman Episode Two update plays havoc with DirectX 12 support

Hitman Episode Two picked up an update (v1.1.2) over the weekend, but all’s not well as the patch plays havoc with DirectX 12 support. The folks at PC Gamer found out that the latest patch resulted in unusually long loading times for the game:

Launching the DX12 version of Hitman no longer worked. The spinning disk appears when you click Play, but the game never starts. Except Steam shows that it’s running…and it’s listed in Task Manager as a background process. There’s no way to switch to it, but it does use a chunk of memory and one CPU core; my only choice is to silently assassinate the rogue process and try again.

It seems DX12 mode isn’t completely broken; it just takes a really long time before the game kicks off. My system required about 14 minutes to start loading (meaning, the screen actually flipped into fullscreen Hitman mode), which is about 13 minutes and 45 seconds longer than most of us are willing to wait.

While DirectX 12 has been touted as the perfect low-level API for Windows 10, it looks like we’re still some time away from seeing that materialize in AAA games.

Harish Jonnalagadda
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