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Hisilicon K3V3 is an Octa-core processor, to power future Huawei devices

The long awaited and much delayed Hisilicon K3V3, to replace the company's aging K3V2 chipset, will actually be a powerful Octa-core processor, will power future Huawei devices. Whether the Octa-core is a true 8-core or an ARM big.LITTLE design implementation is yet to be discovered.

Huawei Hisilicon K3V3 8 core Octa-Core

Huawei is hard at work on their next generation mobile chipset, the Hisilicon K3V3. While the K3V2 was meant to be updated this year, some unknown production (or similar) issues led to Huawei issuing a tweaked K3V2E chipset in the Ascend P6 flagship instead.

The report suggests that Huawei having invented a new soft of cooling technology which enables the processor to auto-charge while running at high temperatures, as well as cool itself on its own. Presently, we can't really make any sense out of it, but lets hope they do come up with something cool and innovative.

Scheduled to debut towards the end of 2013, the K3V3 chipset features ARM architecture based cores, as many as 8 (Octa-core) as per the latest report, clocked up to 1.8 GHz. The GPU is an ARM Mali part, exact model is not known as of yet. The chipset will be manufactured on the 28-nanometer process.

via GSMInsider

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