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Highgrounds, a free and highly addictive browser game

Highgrounds is a sweet multiplayer strategy game by Spryfox and Heart Shaped Games that puts a very interesting twist on forefront combat.

There are three types of gamers: those who play their few favorites over and over again, those who dabble into every single game without ever really finishing them all, and those that are mixture of the first two, who play lots and lots of game from start to end. Whichever of the three you may be, you will find Highgrounds to fit nicely into your gaming agenda.

Developed by Spryfox (SteamBirds: Survival and Triple Town) and Heart Shaped Games (Hero Generations), Highgrounds is a game developed by people with solid backgrounds in the industry.


So what's so cool about it? Well, consider a trading card game without cards. That's right. Remember games like Magic: The Gathering? The game where you have to set up attack and defense strategies by turn, count the cost of attacks, and strategize one move at a time? Highgrounds has that. The basis of the game is that you have a small army that escaped a great flood and eventually crash landed on a mysterious island which is already inhabited. You engage in turn-by-turn offense and defense while heeding income per turn against cost per unit, as well as gathering resources and hiring more fighters to strengthen and expand your army. The points are tallied at the end of each turn, and when one base is reduced to 0, that player loses.

The simplicity of the game makes it so enjoyable. It's easy to play, but not necessarily easy to win. You follow? It's an all-around fun game, well-developed, and the best part is that's you can play in your browser!


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