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High-end HTC-made Nexus tablet rumored for Q3 2014 release

Although it’s never enjoyed success in the tablet arena and backed out of the game more than two years ago, HTC is reportedly prepping a grand comeback, thanks to a mysterious high-end Nexus slate rolling out later this year.

Nexus tablet

The long-term future of Google’s Nexus line might be shaky, with rumors of Play Edition gadgets replacing it in 2015, however the race for who’ll co-manufacture 2014 models is apparently still an ongoing affair.

Asus and LG look like prime candidates for scoring Nexus 8 orders (if an 8-incher is indeed in the pipeline), whereas Lenovo and now HTC are said to be very much in the mix too, albeit their intentions remain unclear.

Could Lenovo help Google build the third-gen Nexus 7, in which case HTC would be left with the sequel to Samsung’s Nexus 10? The other way around maybe? Or are early N8 reports erroneous, and one of these two is after all hard at work on the first member of the family with that particular footprint?

Your guess is as good as ours, but a reputable Taiwanese newspaper, the Commercial Times, seems pretty sure HTC will out a high-end Nexus tab in the third quarter of 2014. Translation: sometime between July and September.


Of course, company officials declined to comment on the speculation, forgetting they kinda-sorta teased it themselves, back in October 2013. No, the Nexus name didn’t come up at that point, but think about it, how else could HTC roll out a “disruptive” tablet?

Mind you, their first two stabs at the market niche, sans Big G’s support, failed miserably in 2011. And the Flyer and Jetstream came out when HTC was still big in the mobile landscape. Now? They’re a mere blip on Samsung and Apple’s radar, leaving the global top five in smartphone sales last year.

Bottom line, if HTC gambles on tabs again, its only chance is Google.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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