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Higgs boson may have played a role in dark matter creation

Two scientists believe the Higgs boson could explain the creation of dark matter in the early universe and imbalance between matter and anti-matter.

Higgs boson: Proton-proton collisions as measured by Cern

The most famous subatomic particle in recent years is no doubt the Higgs boson, which is responsible for defining the mass of particles. Now scientists believe it may also have an important role in the creation of dark and baryonic matter in the early universe. It may also have something to do with the asymmetry between antimatter and matter particles.

The concept of asymmetry involves the idea that while the big bang should have produced equal amounts of matter and anti-matter, it didn’t. If matter and anti-matter had been created in equal amounts, they should then have eliminated each other, leaving… nothing. Of course, that’s not what happened; there was a slight excess of matter, meaning some was left over after all the anti-matter had been eliminated. That matter is what makes up our universe.

Physicists Géraldine Servant at CERN, and Sean Tulin at the University of Michigan have coined the name “Higgsogenesis” for the new hypothesis.”With the Higgs discovery, the final piece of the Standard Model of particle physics has been put into place,” said Servant. “Now, it is a natural question to ask: could the Higgs boson have been important in the early Universe to help explain two observational puzzles that the Standard Model cannot: The origin of dark matter and the matter-antimatter asymmetry? In the very early Universe, the Higgs particle was distinct from its antiparticle. We show that an asymmetry between Higgs and anti-Higgs might have been the missing link connecting the densities of visible and dark matter, which observationally are quite similar.”
The Higgs boson was discovered at CERN, which looks like the half-finished, yet fully operational Death Star II
Dark matter asymmetry in the early universe could, according to the scientists, have been transferred to the Higgs boson and its anti-particle, which would then be transferred to baryon asymmetry between matter and anti-matter. It is also possible that the reverse chain of events occurred; regardless, the Higgs boson is right there in the middle, functioning as a kind of portal.
Source Phys.org

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