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Hideo Kojima reveals new Fox Engine screenshots

Hideo Kojima has revealed screens via Twitter of the new cross-platform Fox Engine which will serve as the foundation for next-gen titles from Kojima Productions.

Hideo Kojima has recently uploaded a few screenshots of Kojima Productions' new game engine onto his official Twitter feed, showing off the cross-platform engine's amazing visuals and incredible next-gen graphics.

Labeled the "Fox Engine" after the iconic fox logo behind the FOXHOUND special operatives from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Kojima Productions began working on the Fox Engine after the completion of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots all the way back in June of 2011.

The Fox Engine will serve as the foundation for many next-gen titles from Kojima Productions, providing more graphical enhancements and capabilities that build upon the older engines while incorporating many new features, making for a truly dynamic and impressive visual experience.

Now Kojima is giving gamers a brief look at the fruits of the team's labors, displaying their finely tuned skills and attention to detail in a few absolutely stunning screenshots.

With the Fox Engine, Kojima and his team sought out to make the "best engine in the world", and based on these screens, the engine may obtain a place somewhere near the top.

The screenshots display a very detailed Snake holding Hideo Kojima's masterfully crafted culinary artwork within one of the Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary bento boxes, and gamers who have viewed the Fox Engine's lighting demo will recognize the conference room's chairs and table.

The lighting demo is another example how far the Fox Engine has come within a year, displaying dazzling photorealistic environments and remarkable lighting effects that truly live up to gaming's next-gen standards.

As a gamer, I look forward to the new next-gen era of gaming in terms of graphics and visuals, especially when engines such as Kojima's bring such dynamic realism to the table.

It's exciting to think about how they will incorporate the Fox Engine's capabilities into the next Metal Gear Solid game–or any other games made by Kojima Productions.

Personally I am impressed by these screens and I can't wait to see more, especially in alternating environments–maybe scenic landscapes with plenty of grass and trees.  It'll be interesting to see how flora and fauna look with the Fox Engine.

Be sure to follow Hideo Kojima on Twitter for more updates and picture uploads–who knows what he'll bring us next! Also check out Kojima Productions' official website for news and other goodies

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