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Hexo+ is your autonomous flying professional ‘cameraman’

The Hexo+ Aerial Camera isn’t just your average flying cam-bot. It can film aerial shots like a pro, completely without your help.


Automated aerial robots that perfectly track you and record your every move? The idea may sound like an invention from some dystopian parallel future, but fear not, the Hexo+ aerial camera is hardly the fearsome invasive contraption that it sounds to be. In fact, it may be the one aerial bot that can capture precious moments like no other drone could.

[youtube id=”sKy_Qa6lMU0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Simply by revealing the combination of terms “aerial camera” and “autonomous”, the Hexo+ already gives us an idea about its great filming potential. Also, it gives away the reason why we think it’s great: it has a highly customized tracking system. As the developers described it, its tracking function seems almost like magic; the perfect combination of tracking sensors, GPS, and standard MAVLink protocol give it a level of convenience that’s not easily found on other camera-mounted aerial drones.

So basically, the Hexo+ aerial camera takes off to the skies, records whatever you need to record and lands down safely, all without your assistance. Well, maybe a little, but simply in the form of automated settings and options. You don’t need to actively control the unit, and it does not require any active input to function while it’s already filming. It’s 70 km/h (43 mph) speed and 2D brushless gimbal is more than enough to capture speedier and more movement oriented shots smoothly, and it can last for about 15 minutes on a full charge.





Granted, the technology of the Hexo+ aerial camera is not revolutionary, and the track-and-film concept is hardly original. But what makes the concept so interesting is the way its functions could be very accessible to many people, and to a very wide range of applications. This is further proven by the exclusive app made for the drone itself, which lets the drone get you those “stupidly good-looking aerial shots” without hassles. Intuitive, as it was perfectly described, because there’s no need for calibration and specific advanced settings. Just set the orientation with its easy-to-use viewpoint mode, tweak a few video recording options, and it is set to go.

Before anyone could think of owning a fleet of Hexo+ Aerial Camera drones, we’d like to let everyone to know that at least $500 is required for the early bird package. The DIY kit costs less at just $300, though you might want to stick to higher pledger packages if you’re really keen to the “autonomous” part.

Source: Kickstarter

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