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Hewlett Packard denies sales to Syria

In a recent press release from Hewlett Packard (HP), the company stated that some of their products might have been sold in Syria.  

However, the company made it clear that the sales would not have been direct, but done through distributors or other re-sellers of their products.  

Recently the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) asked HP to provide them with information on all sales to places that are being blocked due to embargo.  In particular the government agency’s Office of Global Security Risk was seeking information about an HP surveillance system that was installed in the war torn nation of Syria.  HP stated that they had not sold directly to Syria but that an Italian surveillance company by the name of ‘Area SpA’ more than likely purchased the HP needed electronics from a vendor and then sold them directly to the Syrian government.  HP said that many foreign electronic outlets sometimes find ways around their own bans of sales to countries that have embargoes on them by the United States. 

This latest story on HP comes after a recent scandal where the HP owned company, Autonomy, was written down by as much as 5 billion dollars.  Autonomy was acquired by HP last year, but was recently accused of altering facts on company values in an effort to inflate sales.  Mike Lynch who founded Autonomy said that HP is just using his company as a scapegoat due to their poor sales.  He also added that there was no way that accounting errors could have devalued his company by 5 billion.

HP has been hurt greatly by the new trend in tablets and other hand held computer devices over traditional laptops and home PCs.  This past year alone HP has dropped down by about 14% in sales.




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