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Here’s your first glimpse at Samsung’s ‘tank-like’ Galaxy S6 Active build

Good-bye, slender profile and sexy curves, hello, water protection and shock resistance!

Galaxy S5 Active

Many mobile users don’t appreciate the little things that make an Android flagship compelling until they’re gone, as we’ve come to realize of late in regards to microSD support or removable batteries. It’s not easy to manage without them, eh?

Nor is Samsung’s Galaxy S6 as robust and remarkable as its predecessor according to some, with IP67 certification for liquid and dust shelter removed from the “next big thing’s” bag of tricks. But fret not, butterfingers and outdoor lovers, as a GS6 Active is most likely right around the corner.

The existence of a rugged or at least semi-rugged new Galaxy S top dog was essentially never in question, and a wealth of fairly credible intel transpired back in March via a revealing Reddit post. Now, the unannounced but no doubt imminent muscular handheld shows its face… and rear to the press for the first time, looking eerily similar to the S5 Active.

Galaxy S6 Active

In a way, it seemingly has more in common with its forerunner than the metal-and-glass “standard” phone it borrows half of its moniker from. Hopefully, it will clone a number of base S6 features nonetheless, including the Quad HD Super AMOLED display, octa-core Exynos 7420 chip and 16 MP camera.

Debunking earlier speculation, the two live pics starring what may well be an advanced pre-release prototype of the AT&T-bound S6 Active “prove” heart rate tracking functions aren’t going anywhere. Fingerprint recognition does vanish however, and the battery should considerably increase in size, to around 3,500 mAh.

As far as the construction goes, GSM Arena puts it best, describing the device as similar to a “tank.” You still get rounded corners and a certain sense of style though, so were it not for the reinforced case, you could have even called the Galaxy S6 Active a looker.

As things stand, the number one goal isn’t to appeal to fashionistas, but folks always ready to start a war.

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