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Here’s a first look at AMD’s Radeon Vesuvius

The Radeon R9 295X2 press images get leaked along with specs.


This spring AMD has been hyping a dual-core Radeon card with a “#2betterthan1” hashtag campaign ran out of its Edelman PR office. Now the card’s press images and specs have been leaked via Turkey’s Donanim Haber.

According to the leak, Asus will be shipping the first version of the card. It will feature two Hawaii XT cores with GCN 1.1 architecture. The GPUs will have 2816 x 2 stream processors, 176 x 2 texture mapping units and 64 x 2 Raster Operators.


As having two Hawaii cores will require some serious cooling, AMD is including the massive “Project Hydra” cooler.

AMD has yet to announce an MSRP for the dual-core beast of a card.


More details are expected as its release date draws closer.

Source: Donanim Haber


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