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Here’s How You Block Anyone on Any Phone

We all have someone we want to block on our phones. It could be a persistent telemarketer, a clingy ex, or just a random dude from China who won’t stop calling/texting you. If you are frustrated with these incessant buzzing and ringing, here’s what you need to do to cut out the negativity in your life.

For Android Users

Credits: Crackberry
Credits: Crackberry

If you are an Android user, you can block your nemesis in a few ways. These steps usually differ from brand to brand, but let’s just start with the top 4 more common smartphones in Singapore, Samsung, LG, HTC and Xiaomi.

For Samsung

For unknown numbers:

Open Phone >> Log >> Choose Your Number You Wish to Block >> More >> Block

If the person is your contact:

Open Phone >> More >> Call Blocking >> Select the Contacts You Wish to Block

For LG

Menu >> Settings >> Call Reject >> Reject Call >> Select Numbers to Block


Open Phone >> Call History >> Tap on Number >> Block Number

For Xiaomi

Open Phone >> Select the Number You Wish to Block >> Triple Dot Button on Top Right >> Block

For iOS

Credits: MacMagazine
Credits: MacMagazine

If you are an Apple user, blocking people on iOS is pretty much a breeze as well.

Go to Contacts >> Settings >> Phone >> Call Blocking & Identification >> Block Contact

If you have already upgraded to iOS 10, then you have to add that number to your contact list before blocking. Just name him “Stalker 1”, it’s not that difficult.

For Windows

If you are one of the few people who use Windows phones and feel like we always miss out on tips and tricks for you guys, fret not, VR-Zone has got you covered.

Settings >>  Call+SMS Filter >> Turn On “Block Calls” >> Open Phone >> Choose the Contact You Wish to Block >> Block

I hope that has been helpful to you, do leave a comment on what else you would like us to cover!

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