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Here we go again: new ads pit Surface RT and Iconia W3 against iPads [video]

It’s the same old story with just a slightly tweaked script. Windows-based tablets are better than Apple’s iPads, despite what sales numbers say, and the best Microsoft can come up with to prove that is through deceitful commercials that only tell one side of the story.

Surface RT vs iPad

The latest two video ads pit the Surface RT against the full-sized iPad and the Acer Iconia W3 against the iPad Mini. The first comparison is done by way of text, while for the other one Microsoft again uses the voice of a Siri doppelganger.

So what are some of Surface RT’s advantages over the fourth-gen iPad? There’s the bigger screen, “integrated kickstand and keyboard”, Microsoft Office support, multitasking, full size USB support and, on top of it all, pricing.


Sure, there are some valid points there, no doubt about it, but how can you be so clueless or at least expect others to be so clueless to consider the bigger panel a Surface RT strong point? It’s nice to have extra screen real estate, but what about, oh, resolution?

Also, you say your tab comes with a kickstand and keyboard, but then you go ahead and list its price sans the “touch cover”. Isn’t that cheating? And don’t even get me started on how Microsoft once again conveniently leaves out that the Surface RT runs Windows RT, which is by all means and purposes not a real operating system.

Oh, well, let’s move on to the second commercial of the day, where things look a little brighter for Microsoft… and Acer. Not that I fully agree the Iconia W3 is better than the iPad Mini. But their battle is much closer.


After all, Acer’s 8.1-incher runs Windows 8 Pro, is considerably cheaper than Apple’s slate and may even have the edge in gaming, courtesy of a dual-core 1.8 GHz Intel Atom processor. Meanwhile, the iPad Mini impresses with premium build quality, sports a superior rear-facing camera and, according to some reviewers, a crisper display too.

On the whole though, I’m not so bothered by the W3 advert. No, it doesn’t show the full story, but it’s far less deceptive than the one for the Surface RT. Plus, it’s mildly entertaining.

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