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Hello Kitty-touting Baby-G watch shows up for sale in Japan

Love that cute little anthropomorphic cat without a mouth that is known by many all around the world as Hello Kitty? If so, today will probably be a good day to ask for help from some friends who are currently taking up residence in Japan. Apparently, Casio has entered into a partnership of sorts with the SoftBank Hawks baseball team and Sanrio that will see a limited edition Hello Kitty Baby-G watch go up for sale in Japan.

For years, the cute little cat known as Hello Kitty have charmed both children and adults alive with her antics, and the sheer number of Hello Kitty merchandise that have been made available for sale throughout these years only serve as an indicator of her growing popularity both within and outside of Japan. And if you happen to be one such Hello Kitty fan, here's hoping that you have some good friends over in Japan who are willing to help you out with a request at a moment's notice, for word has it that a limited-edition Hello Kitty Baby-G watch is currently up for grabs in the Land of the Rising Sun.

According to a report published by Japanese website Charamono, the limited edition Hello Kitty Baby-G watch will be based off the G-5600 model, while its strap will be decorated with an array of pink hearts, ostensibly to tell the world that you are just as lovable as the cute little cat who is currently endorsing your timepiece of choice.

In addition, activating the watch's electronic illuminator will result in Hello Kitty's head, complete with a SoftBanks Hawks baseball cap, appearing on its liquid crystal display. And to top off the package, the same design can also be found of the watch's battery cover, as shown in the picture above.

Interested? Well, you might want to move fast, for it seems that only 300 units of these Hello Kitty Baby-G watches will be produced by Casio (well, it's called a 'limited edition' run for a reason), and that they will cost you 14,700 yen apiece, or approximately US$191.

Source: Charamono via Akihabara News

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