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Here Are The Headlines To Look Out For in 2017

Not to alarm you, but it’s Christmas in four days. That means that soon 2016 will have come to an end and with it many disappointments. VR, for a start, has failed to capture the imagination of the wider public. Apple has taken a wide variety of bizarre product decisions. Oh, and the rest of the world fell apart as well. Never fear, because 2017 is round the corner. In the technology space, there are lots of exciting news stories to look out for. Here are some headlines to look out for next year.

Nintendo Switch Details revealed

We already have quite a bit of information about Nintendo’s new console. It’s a strange hybrid tablet-console thing with detachable controllers and the ability to make Jimmy Kimmel far too excited. However, full details, including pricing, how VR is going to factor in and release date will be given some time in January. So look out here for all you will need to know about Nintendo’s third attempt at carving out a gaming niche for itself in today’s crowded market.

Magic Leap DK1 Launched

At this point, Magic Leap needs to be congratulated. For a company that has received so much attention and funding, there have been no leaks of any kind. At this point, all we have are assurances of the lucky few who have played with it that the technology is amazing. This will change come 2017, however, when we finally see the first development kits launched. Whether they do prove to be the best thing to happen to VR and AR or overhyped garbage, this is an important news story to be looking out for next year.

Fallout 4 VR Released

Image courtesy: Road to VR

In a similar vein to Magic Leap, whether or not this game is successful is really beside the point. Bethesda has promised the full Fallout 4 experience in Virtual Reality in 2017. That is nearly a hundred hours worth of content. By contrast, the longest current VR experience is with Arizona Sunshine, a zombie shooter, at four hours. Bethesda, while beloved for their gaming experiences, are also notorious for their glitches at day-one release. So there is no guarantee that this experiment will work. However, even if it’s mediocre, the sheer fact that there is a full-length VR game in the works is cause for celebration. As a bonus, if it works, it might well be what catapults VR into the mainstream.

Apple’s VR headset revealed

Image courtesy: Road to VR

So Apple has not had the best year all things considered. The iPhone 7 was routinely derided for the lack of a headphone jack; the new MacBook Pro is a nice looking PC with last year’s technology, and they did what is probably the most narcissistic thing a company can do, which is to release an overpriced picture book of their technology. So the best way to win back any good will is to unveil whatever it is their VR plans are. Knowing Apple it will be horribly overpriced, but that is par for the course these days. If Apple is still the pillar of innovation it claims to be, then whatever they produce is still worth paying attention to.

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