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HDMI 2.0 announced at IFA

Has bandwidth capacity of 8Gbps, supports 60 fps 4K and 32 channel audio


The HDMI Forum has announced the specifications to HDMI 2.0 at the IFA show in Berlin.

According to the HDMI Forum, HDMI 2.0 will have up to 18Gbps of bandwidth, support for 4K at 50/60 fps and 32 audio channels.

No word yet on devices that might support the new protocol, but understandably that’s a long way off.

From the press release:

Version 2.0 of the HDMI Specification, which is backward compatible with earlier versions of the Specification, was developed by the HDMI Forum’s Technical Working Group whose members represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, personal computers, mobile devices, cables and components. The HDMI Forum currently has a membership of 88 companies.

“The introduction of the HDMI 2.0 Specification represents a major milestone for the HDMI Forum,” said Robert Blanchard of Sony Corporation, president of the HDMI Forum. “Our members collaborated closely to take the highly successful HDMI Specification to the next level by expanding audio and video features for consumer electronics applications.”

The HDMI Forum has chosen HDMI Licensing, LLC to be the Agent to license Version 2.0 of the HDMI Specification. In this role, HDMI Licensing, LLC will provide marketing, promotional, licensing and administrative services, as well as education on the benefits of the HDMI Specification to adopters, retailers, and consumers.

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