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HD Radio saw big year in 2013, especially in booming connected car market

The growing HD Radio market is increasing at a rapid pace, with the automotive industry responsible for drastically driving adoption.

High-definition Radio saw a great boost in 2013 with the support of 33 automobile companies streaming 3 billion hours of HD Radio audio, data, traffic updates, and other information wirelessly into vehicles.  The iBiquity Digital Corporation has announced that Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Lexus, and Toyota will bring traffic and data information via digital HD broadcasts.

The HD radio industry saw a whopping 70 percent year-over-year growth, with more than 5.5 million HD Radio-enabled products shipped.  The automotive market is expected to springboard HD Radio adoption even further this year, with connected technologies embraced even in lower-cost, entry-level models today.

“2013 was a tremendous year as all major automakers now offer HD Radio Technology,” said Bob Struble, iBiquity Digital President and CEO, in a statement.  “We were also excited to announce the first five auto brands to use the HD Radio data system delivering critical information like real-time traffic, weather forecasts and fuel prices to their vehicles all subscription-free.”

Clear Channel and HERE created nationwide networks able to broadcast accurate information to radio listeners – and with many in-dash screens in newer vehicles – it’s even easier to browse for additional radio streams.  Album art can be streamed during the audio stream, emergency alerts during missing children or natural disasters, and third-party app support can also be transmitted.

Connected cars have become common place during CES 2014, with iBiquity technologies demonstrated with OEM partners in Las Vegas.  Even though HD audio might not be the driving factor into a new car purchase, sound quality is greatly improved from standard radio broadcasts.

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