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HBM 2.0 unlikely for 2016 GPUs on account of limited supply


It looks like we’ll have to wait until 2017 to see High Bandwidth Memory 2.0 in GPUs. According to Fudzilla, HBM 2.0 is in very limited supply, which means that it is not yet ready to be mass produced. this year’s video cards will stick to GDDR5, or the newer GDDR5X from Micron.

AMD’s roadmap hints at a product called Greenland, which may be the first card to offer HBM 2.0. The card will likely be called Vega, and will make its debut sometime next year. Similarly, Nvidia is said to be offering a Titan based on HBM 2.0 next year, which will be followed by mainstream GeForce GTX cards that utilize the DRAM.

As for this year’s offerings, Nvidia’s Pascal video cards as well as AMD’s Polaris cards are set to make their debut at Computex next month, with in-store availability rumored for sometime over the summer.

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