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Haswell refresh to trickle in gradually through 2014

Refresh to begin in the second quarter and carry through the third.


Intel will refresh Haswell in 2014 to gradually replace all current processors, but it will be a slow process.

According to a new chart obtained by VR-Zone, Intel will begin the refresh process in the second quarter with the non-K series of chips then move on to the K-series in the third quarter.


Also to note, the Core I7-4770 and Core I7-4771 are set to be retired to be replaced by the Core i7-4790, while the Core i5-4570 and i5-4670 will be replaced by Core i5-4690 and the Core i5-4590.

There will also be new  low voltage processors with “S” and “T” designators in both series.

With files from Chinese VR-Zone.

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