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Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini ($139): A Centerpiece Mood-Lifter

Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini 1

Brilliantly designed from Stockholm Sweden, the Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini is an affordable and aesthetically-pleasing portable speaker. Priced at only $139, the Sound Piece Mini is a lovely speaker to place in any modern chic home.


Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini 2

With an interchangeable speaker cover, you can customize the portable speaker based on your mood. Want an army green cover or a golden grille, it’s all up to you.

The body is pearl white and incredibly shiny and smooth. It’s simply designed, yet it looks amazing.

Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini 5

With 4 control buttons at the top, you can turn it on and off, increase or decrease the volume and tap on the Bluetooth button to help pair your device to it.

These buttons are operated based on touch, which gives it an extra classy edge.

Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini 4

The Swedish company believes that the theme behind the Sound Piece Mini is to have a speaker that sits nicely in any apartment, to change the outlook of your house, and ambience based on your mood and music.

Audio Performance

Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini 3


You can feel the bass of the Sound Piece Mini, it’s decent, but I wouldn’t dare say that it’s epic. The hardware does have vents for enhanced bass performance and I do feel that the bass can get loud.

However, the deeper frequencies are not very articulate. They do turn grainy sometimes and clarity is an issue when the volume is cranked up. There are speakers that perform better, but there are worse ones out there, so the bass of the Sound Piece Mini is average for its price range.

I hoped that the bass had been a bit rounder and 3D in all honesty.


Mids come off fairly well and mellow. It’s quite a warm bridge between the bass and the highs. There wasn’t anything particular bad about the mids, so you don’t feel the imperfections when you play any soundtrack, so I was quite happy with the Mini’s mids.

Electric guitars sounded really nice on the Minis, the distortion sounded…perfectly distorted. It gave off a very sweet buzz that most punk lovers can appreciate.


The acoustic sounds from the mids and highs were awesome for sure. Clarity was a strong suit for the Sound Piece Mini. Classical guitars and acoustic guitars sounded crisp for sure. Piano tracks came off crystal clear and delicate as well.

However, the highs sound a little soft in comparison to the bass and mids, which made the strong suit of the Sound Piece Mini underemphasized.

Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini 6

Battery Life

With 15 hours of playtime, the Sound Piece Mini is insane in the battery life department. Only a few speakers can match this epic endurance and almost none of them are in the $100-$200 price range.


Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini 7

Beauty is the Sound Piece Mini’s strongest suit. I wouldn’t dare say that audio is perfect on this device because the speaker simply isn’t cut with full-range drivers to deliver you epic sound across all frequencies. However, I would say that it’s a good design item for any household and chic user who isn’t overly obsessed with a strong bass and audio fidelity.

For $139, the Sound Piece Mini isn’t a bad buy at all.


Zayne Seah
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