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Hands On With The Flip MinoHD

Flip MinoHD

If you have walked past the Cisco-Linksys booth on level 6 of Suntec City Convention Centre during the IT Show 2010 last week, chances are you would have noticed the Flip Mino video camcorders on display for you to try out. VR Zone has a brief hands-on with the Flip MinoHD video camcorder to see how good it is.

It was last year when Cisco bought over Pure Digital, the company that produces Flip video camcorders, for a massive US$590 million. For those of you who are not familiar with the Flip video camcorders, they are popular in USA (and there only). The camcorder comes in a compact form factor and is extremely easy to use, which suits the not-so-tech-savvy users especially.

However, Cisco showcased the Flip Mino and MinoHD at the recent IT Show 2010 and taking preorders, which means that the video camcorders will soon be available here in Singapore.

The Flip MinoHD touts itself to be the world’s smallest high definition (HD) camcorder with 4GB storage that can record 60 minutes of HD video at 1280×720 pixels resolution.

We managed to have a brief hands on with the Flip MinoHD. Let’s take a closer look.

The Flip MinoHD is about the size of some candy bar phones on the market and sports a 1.5-inch LCD screen, backlit controls and a prominent red video record button.

On the right holds the power button and two tiny holds for the wrist strap.

At the base is a tripod mount hole for user who want to capture steady shots.

The USB latch and the video output connector are on the left of the video camcorder.

When you press the USB latch, a USB arm will spring out for you to connect the device to your PC or Mac for video management, transfer or sharing the videos with friends and family.

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