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Hands on with the Aorus X7 gaming notebook

The flagship of Aorus’ new gaming line of notebooks has a 17-inch screen and a sleek chassis.


Last week an unheard-of brand called Aorus began sending out invitations to journalists attending CES for a launch event for a new brand of gaming products. The invitations didn’t give any details to what the launch might be for, only promising a series of “slim, lethal and iconic” products will be launched with tagline “gaming is the next evolution.”

VR-Zone’s Taiwan office received a package from Aorus with what looks to be its flagship gaming notebook — the X7.

aorus_x7_19 aorus_x7_11

The X7 sports a 17-inch screen, and feels slightly lighter than comparable gaming notebooks. The overall design is sleek, and the lid of the notebook sports a large Aorus logo.

aorus_x7_14 aorus_x7_13

For I/O ports, the X7 has a standard D-sub VGA, two HDMI ports, a mini display port, an SD card slot, and USB 3.0.

aorus_x7_5We haven’t had a chance to benchmark the machine yet, so check back soon for a full review.

More details on the launch and availability of the Aorus notebook line will be revealed at CES in January.

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