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Halo 4 update brings Spartan Ops episode 3 & newTeam Snipers playlist

Players can hone their headshot skills in Halo 4's new Team Snipers multiplayer playlist, or team up with friends in the newly released third Spartan Ops episode, "Catherine".

Whether you're the type of gamer who enjoys competitive MLG-style multiplayer, or you enjoy taking on hordes of enemies with a group of friends, Halo 4's newest update has you covered.

The update itself adds a brand new Team Snipers playlist, which was brought back due to popular demand, allowing gamers to hone their dead-eye skills and heighten their accuracy.

Along with Team Snipers, Halo 4's update also brings a new Spartan Ops episode, continuing the weekly tradition of new content with five all-new chapters of frenetic co-operative missions. Episode 3 "Catherine" continues the story arc set in motion by the previous episodes and features a reprisal of Dr. Halsey.

Dr. Catherine Halsey is one of the most prominent and important figures in the Halo universe, as she is directly responsible for the SPARTAN program and for Cortana's incredible psyche.

Additionally players have new Weekly Challenges to complete in Campaign, War Games and Spartan Ops, offering bonus XP for those who accomplish the set goals. For more information on the new Halo 4 playlists or Spartan Ops, please visit Halo Waypoint's official website.

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