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Halo 4 Spartan Ops episode 3 trailer released

The third chapter is almost here for Halo 4's weekly episodic Spartan Ops series, and the new trailer gives a glimpse at what players can expect from S1E3 "Catherine".

"We came here to study the planet. Instead…something on the planet is studying you." –Catherine Halsey, S1E3 of Spartan Ops

In Season 1 Episode 3 of Halo 4's weekly co-operative multiplayer mode, Spartan Ops, Catherine Halsey–the veritable mother of the SPARTAN-II project and of every Spartan warrior–comes all the way from ONI to investigate the strange Artifact that was discovered in the last chapter.

Seeing Dr. Halsey in the flesh outside of Halo 4's campaign is a welcome sight, and only goes to show 343i's attention to Halo's ongoing story arc.

Spartan Ops Episode 3 "Catherine" will be available on Nov. 19, 2012 for free via Halo 4 on Xbox LIVE. For more information please visit Halo Waypoint's official website.

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