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Halo 4 rakes in $220 million in first day

On it's first day of release, Halo 4 earned a whopping $220 million. While the full analysis of the earnings hasn't come in yet, projections for the sales say that this could be the best selling Halo game yet.

The gaming industry has a whole field full of sequel games that have been released recently, or are set to release soon. One would think we've run out of original ideas. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Grand Theft Auto 5, the list goes on. But fans of the Halo series don't seem to want it gone yet, as Halo 4 has had record sales of $220 million earned in it's first 24 hours available to the public. With both Master Chief and Cortana returning for the game, fans have apparently gone wild and spent heavily. The game was released on November 6th, 2012, and while the numbers aren't all in yet, analysts predict an opening week of $300 million for the game.



The series was recently taken over from its original owners and producers, Bungie, to 343 Industries and Microsoft, as Bungie believed it had already made all of the games that it could with the title. Bungie had planned the Halo series to be a trilogy at most, and felt it was right to end it there. Microsoft, being what it is, knew the popularity behind the series and decided a new installment was called for. Obviously, Microsoft has the right idea.

The game features much of what fans have come to expect: this installment introduces new characters, weapons, vehicles, maps and more. More maps are already planned in advance for Halo 4, the first being due out some time in December of this year. An update to Master Chief's suit has been spotted, along with “greater depth” in the relationship between Cortana and the Chief. You can hear the fan fiction writers squeal.



With an opening day as fierce as this, and a projection of a firm opening week, Microsoft can already see that this is the most successful a Halo game has been in sales. What they plan to release next in the series is already being discussed, the company admitting that the next installment will be “darker”. If the sales for that match Halo 4, the video gaming market will have a good day indeed.

Source: PC Mag

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