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Halo 3 may soon be available through Steam

Over half a decade ago, Halo 3 made its way onto the Xbox 360, but despite the game’s popularity, Microsoft has yet to release a PC port of the game.  That may change, however, as some evidence have arisen which suggest that a PC Halo 3 may be coming soon through Valve's Steam.

According to a recent post on the NeoGAF message board (which cites the Steam database), Halo 3 was spotted amongst some games that will eventually be distributed by Valve’s Steam service.  Halo and Halo 2 have already been ported to the PC, but they, too, are among the games that may eventually end up a part of Steam’s selection.

It took a while for Microsoft to release PC versions of Halo and Halo 2, and if milking the cow until its bone dry means anything, Microsoft will do the same with Halo 3.  However, Bungie’s last touch on the Halo franchise is certainly way past its expiration date, so Halo 3 will probably follow the path of its predecessor and become a PC title, eventually. Currently, a Halo 3 PC release is strictly pure speculation, but if the game is really destined for Steam, then may see it in Steam in about half a year or maybe longer.

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