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Half-Life 2 officially received Oculus Rift support, beta out now

Half-Life 2 is now officially compatible with Oculus Rift and the beta can be experienced right now.  The port should ship to developers in the coming weeks.

There’s been an air of excitement in the gaming industry surrounding the Oculus Rift since it was announced, demoed, and released to kickstarter backers. The Oculus Rift is a device that you wear on your head as you would glasses or goggles, and it promises to provide an immersive virtual reality experience like you’ve never experienced before.

An initial impression is that the device works and has a lot of potential; all it needs now is development support and more games that are compatible with it. Today it was announced that fan favorite title Half-Life 2 has been released for the Oculus Rift in beta form and is available for anyone with the device to try out now.

There aren’t many issues with it that should detract on what should be an interesting experience, though it is still being described as rawer beta than the beta held for Team Fortress 2.

Fortunately, it’s actually quite simple to get your hands on.  The announcement explains how. “To get it, open the properties for HL2 in Steam, set your command line to "-vr", and opt-in to the SteamPipe beta.” It goes on to mention that the port will be shipped to developers in the coming weeks. There are various other tips included in the source link, so if you’re eager to try it out and lucky enough to be an owner of the Oculus Rift, go ahead and give it a try.

Source: Joe Ludwig (of Valve) Via: Engadget

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