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Half of all iPhone 5C buyers switched over from Android

While the iPhone 5C might never be able to match the iPhone 5S in terms of sheer success, it appears that the plastic iPhone has been drawing more first time users in the Apple ecosystem.


Prior to its release, rumors were circulating that the iPhone 5C would be a relatively priced smartphone. However when Apple officially unveiled it, it didn’t say that the iPhone 5C would be cheap. In the U.S. this smartphone costs $100 with a two year contract, whereas it costs even more in emerging markets where it was expected to perform well.

The iPhone 5S has outsold the iPhone 5C in almost all markets around the globe, but new data released by Kantar WorldPanel reveals that while the former appeals more to existing iPhone users, the latter has brought in a significant amount of new customers to the Apple ecosystem particularly from Android. Dominic Sunnebo, strategic insight director at the firm says that almost half of the iPhone 5C owners came over from rival brands such as Samsung and LG, both of which make Android devices. Whereas 80 percent of all iPhone 5S owners upgraded from existing iPhones.

Apple’s strategy might have been to attack the mid-range segment of Android devices and rope in new customers to its ecosystems, and its evident from these numbers that the strategy seems to have worked, despite the fact that there have been numerous reports of iPhone 5C production being cut down due to low demand. Once these new customers are in the ecosystem, it would be much easier to get them to upgrade to a new iPhone model, the hard part is definitely getting them to switch in the first place.

Source: Telegraph

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