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Haipad M9 tablet gets upgraded with newer processor and better touchscreen

Looks like Haier is on a roll this week. In addition to launching a new, upgraded version of a yet-unnamed Haipad tablet which we talked about recently, it seems that the company has got yet another product which has been given an upgrade of sorts, and it comes in the form of a slight specifications bump for its M9 tablet.

Remember the short story we ran a few days back of Haier launching a new version of its Haipad tablet that reportedly utilized a 1GHz Samsung processor? Well, it turns out that the aforementioned tablet was not the only product which Haier has in store for the Chinese domestic market, for word has it that the company has rolled out yet another upgraded version of its Haipad line of tablets for sale in China, and it comes in the form of a slight specifications bump for its existing M9 tablet.

According to a report published by M.I.C Digi, the main upgrade to the M9 comes in the form of a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen which is reportedly capable of supporting quintuple multi-touch technology, as opposed to the older M9 which came bundled with a touchscreen display that was only capable of dual-touch technology. In theory, the use of a quintuple touchscreen will allow users to make use of a greater variety of gestures in navigating through the Android operating system that is preloaded on the M9.

In addition, M.I.C Digi has also claimed that the upgraded M9 will utilize a Renesas chip that reportedly features a dual-core EV2 processor clocked at 533MHz and is based off the A9 microarchitecture, along with a PowerVR SGX530 GPU. Lastly, the upgraded M9 tablet will come bundled with 4GB of onboard flash storage and a 4400mAh battery pack which is supposedly capable of lasting up to six hours on a single charge. 3G and GPS is not supported, although it is suugested that the functionality will make its way into future versions of the M9.

That being said, with this being China we are talking about, it should be of little surprise that the M9 sports a very affordable price of 900 Yuan, or approximately US$140.

Source: M.I.C Digi

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