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Hackers successfully flash Logitech Revue with Honeycomb 3.1

The Logitech Revue may have made the headlines recently over its drastic price drop from US$249 to US$99 , but that does not mean that all is not going well for the Google TV set-top box, at least where end-users and the hacker comunity are concerned. Apparently, some enterprising developers have managed to successfully flash the Revue with version 3.1 of the Android operating system (Honeycomb), well before Logitech plans to roll out its own official Android 3.1 firmware update come summer this year.

So Logitech has slashed the price of its Revue Google TV set-top box by almost 60% from US$249 to US$99. While that might sound like a typical response for any company whose product is not doing very well on the market, it would seem that the latest bit of news regarding the Revue might be just the kind of information that could potentially help renew consumer interest in Logitech's Google TV set-top box. Apparently, a group of enterprising hackers have somehow managed to flash the Revue with a custom Android 3.1 ROM (aka Honeycomb), and details on how to do so have somehow managed to leak onto the Internet, complete with pictorial evidence.

And yes, this custom ROM apparently comes preloaded with the Android Market app.

If you will remember our earlier article, we mentioned that Logitech has already planned to roll out a software update that will see existing Revue set-top boxes gain access to both the Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) operating system and the Android Market at once. However, with the Revue now going for as low as US$99, we really would not be surprised to hear of consumers actually purchasing one of those Revues just to satisfy their curiosity by trying to see if they can flash the device's stock firmware with a custom build of the Honeycomb operating system

Source: Phandroid

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