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Gwen’s Guides: 2 Apps to Make Your Pictures More Instaglammable

So your Instagram posts are frankly boring and dull. You want to upload regularly, and multiple times a day but you don’t know what to post so you end up with some half-baked selfies. Not to worry – with these apps, you might be able to transform your Instagram feed into one that showcases nothing but the best hits of your life!

1. Photo Editing

Isn’t a filter from Instagram enough? NO! It isn’t. In fact, all photos could use a little perk me up before you slap on an Instagram filter. Most pros and Instagram bigwigs use Photoshop, but it’s way too expensive and not very beginner-friendly, and frankly takes up too much time and effort for your everyday user with a full-time job (or school). Hence, a photo editing app is the way to go!

Available on both iOS, Android and online on PC, Pixlr is a great app for editing. The interface is simple and intuitive. First timers will have no problem picking it up. Basic editing like brightness and other adjustments are all available.

Pixlr tools also feature the heal tool for all the blemishes you need to tap away. The double exposure tool is also great for making some semi-artistic shots. Oh, and it also has a mini dodge and burn tool for making some parts of your photo lighter or darker. The Pixlr library has a magnitude of filters, stickers and frames. Be careful not to get too carried away because you may end up with a tacky photo with too many stickers and whatnot (always lower opacity!)

2. Post Scheduler & Profile Planning

For businesses and individuals who really have to post daily, you need a post scheduler app. Some of you may know that Instagram and all social media platforms have peak periods, where engagement and views are maximised. While these vary from country to country the consensus is the same: Post at peak viewing times for more engagement. But we’ve all got our lives to live, and most of us just can’t stalk out our social media 24/7 just waiting for the perfect time to post our ‘Lunch with the girls’ photo. Enter the Planoly post scheduler.

Like Pixlr, Planoly is available for iOS, Android and online on PC. The app requires that you make your own Planoly account and then link it to your Instagram account so it’s a bit of a hassle for your first-time use. However, you can link multiple Instagram accounts to one Planoly account so you can schedule your ‘Midnight Thoughts’ at midnight to your private IG account while you’re soundly asleep.

Planoly, like many other scheduling apps out there, let’s you view your profile as a whole to see if the photos you’re about to upload look good/match your profile brand – making it perfect for small startups or home business owners. I do this for a living, and I’ve found Planoly to be one of the best options- but it doesn’t come without its problems.

In order to auto post, Planoly requires an Instagram Business account. Instagram Business accounts are a bit different from normal ones in that it requires you to link it up to a Facebook page. If you do not convert your IG to a business account your scheduled posts are still kind of manual: Planoly will notify you at the scheduled post time then you’ll copy the photo from Planoly to IG then upload it. Overall it’s still a great app for personal users but it’s an amazing one for businesses and influencers with high following counts. Or you know if you’re an aspiring influencer why not right?

So that’s just two apps to make your blogging life easier and more glamorous! Look out for more articles in my lifestyle series, Gwen’s Guides to learn more tips and tricks.

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