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A Guide to Instagram Stories (Snapchat’s Rival?)

 It’s been a month since Facebook launched Instagram Stories to compete against Snapchat. Is Instagram Stories really an imitation of Snapchat and what is it exactly all about? In my humble opinion, Instagram Stories is still in its infancy at the moment and isn’t capable of matching Snapchat at the moment, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

What Instagram Stories is All About

Credits: TechCrunch
Credits: TechCrunch

Just like Snapchat, Instagram Stories pretty much lets users create a ‘story’, a collection of images and videos that will be wiped from the face of the Earth after 24 hours.

Once you snap your photos, you can draw on then, type more text and use certain filters to give them abit of “umph” before posting them.

This lets users snap and share moments in their day-to-day lives that are #unglam and not Instagram-worthy just to let others know what’s going on.

How to Start Creating Your Own Story

Install Instagram and Sign In

Well, obviously you have to install Instagram and sign in using your Facebook account to start viewing things on Instagram.

Click the + Sign on the Top Left

The first part to crafting a story of your own is snapping a pic, and you can start by pressing the + sign on the top left hand corner of your main screen.

Tap the Circle Button for Photos and Hold for Videos

It’s the same as Snapchat. Just tap to snap and hold to record.


Edit and Filter

Before sending it out, you can choose to add texts, draw on it or add filters.


Text can simply be added on just by pressing the T button, drawings would require you to hit the pen or marker symbol (the last one has a neon effect, which I strongly recommend), and swiping left and right gives you filters.


Check and Send

Once you are done, just hit the check button and send it all out. If you love your photo, you can also hit the download button on the bottom right of the screen.

Check Your Views

If you want to know who has seen your photos, just swipe up when you tap on your own story to see a list of people who’ve checked your stories out.

Responding to Others

Instagram Stories

Hiding From Your Frenemies

IG: @blubberfats

For some reason,  you guys are friends and follow each other, but you simultaneously have some animosity between each other. If you don’t want others to see your stories and judge you on a daily basis, you can actually do a nice little trick to wrap yourself in a veil of secrecy.

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