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Trevor Philips’ voice actor delivers a harsh ‘go f*** yourself’ at fan’s request

At this year’s New York Comic-Con, the actors that lent their voices to GTA V‘s triumvirate met for a panel discussion, which led to a Q&A session with the audience. One fan made a request to Steven Ogg, Trevor Philips’ voice actor, to channel the infamous miscreant and curse at him–a request that Ogg happily obliged.

Stephen Ogg

GTA V‘s foul-mouthed meth-addled psychopath Trevor Philips has risen to fame within the gaming community, and fans across the globe have been enamored by his wild and unpredictable behavior.

Trevor’s ferocious antics coupled with his deeply disturbed mindset have created a distinct allure, and the explosive havoc he wreaks upon Los Santos makes him one of the most memorable video game characters in recent history.

Steven Ogg, the actor that voiced the unforgettable maniac, has been praised for his performance and has since become an icon to the gaming sector. Ogg has been affable in his responses to fans, and has gone one step further by obliged a recent request made by a fan at this year’s NYCC.

[youtube id=”zeMuJbn_OhA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

The fan humbly requested for Ogg to curse at him in the voice of Trevor Philips, and Ogg, led by much applause by the audience, rose and promptly delivered a hilarious “go f*** yourself!” that fully captured the raw ferocity of Trevor’s persona.

Steven Ogg (Trevor), Shawn Fonteno (Franklin), and Ned Luke (Michael) have also recently spoken out on their experiences in voicing GTA V‘s trio, discussing what it was like being able to work with one of the most popular video games in the history of gaming.

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