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GTA V PC version graphics look superior to PS3 & PS4 versions


Last month, Rockstar Games announced that the release of the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V had been delayed to April. They explained that there was still some work to do before they were convinced they had ‘perfected’ the port for the PC platform. Today new screenshots comparing GTA V graphics to PS3 and PS4 versions have surfaced, showing the great job Rockstar Games has done so far with the PC version of the game.

The comparison screenshots show off the game graphics when running at 4K resolution on the PC platform. As you can see in the images below, the PC version definitely has superior graphics, with the difference in the level of detail being quite apparent, even next to the PS4 version. While most backgrounds are a blurry mess on the PS3 and the PS4 versions of the game, in the PC version everything looks a lot clearer and sharper.




Rockstar Games received a lot of criticism for the largely unimpressive GTA IV port for the PC platform earlier, which is why this time the studio seems to have paid a lot more attention to perfecting the game for the PC gamers. And if these screenshots are anything to go by, Rockstar has done a fantastic job with GTA V for PC.

GTA V for PC will be releasing on April 14th, if there are no further delays that is.

Source: GamerSky

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