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‘GTA V’ iFruit companion app for iOS released, lets users customize cars and more

Rockstar today released the companion app for its latest title, Grand Theft Auto V, that is currently making waves in the gaming arena. The app lets users do a number of things, including but not limited to customizing cars they drive in the actual game, through a conventional gaming console.


Called iFruit, the companion app can not only be used to customize cars, it also lets users take care of Chop, Franklin’s pet dog. The app has minigames for Chop, and if the user is good to the dog in iFruit, chances are that he will be more obedient as well as perform more tricks and find hidden objects in the game. Users can pet him, feed and water him as well as play fetch and tug-of-war.

Los Santos Customs is probably what’s going to excite most users. Users can create their ultimate vehicle that they drive in GTA V anywhere from the comfort of their iPhone or iPad. There’s also the option to create and reserve custom license plates for both Grand Theft Auto V And Grand Theft Auto Online. Users can choose from different smoke colors, windows tints, paint jobs, wheels, hoods and spoilers. They can also upgrade engine, brakes, exhaust, suspension and a ton of different accessories like horns, lights and even body armor. Changes will be relayed back instantly and users will find their customized rides waiting for them the next time they play GTA V.

The iFruit companion app also keeps the user connected to the mock social network LifeInvader. It will also provide the latest GTA V news and will allow users to log into Rockstar Games Social Club. iFruit companion app for GTA V is now available as a free download from iTunes App Store, no word as yet if a similar app for Android will be released as well.

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