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Grid Mobile Enters Singapore Telco Scene, Targets Millennials

What used to be a tightly-regulated oligopoly is now a thriving marketplace as Grid Mobile enters the telco scene in Singapore. A joint venture between Singtel and ST Telemedia, Grid Mobile is the fifth mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to date.

Image: Grid Mobile

With the telltale signs of no-contract plans and data-centric schemes, Grid Mobile has set its sights on millennials.

But that’s not all. To differentiate its product from the largely homogenous and price-centric market, Grid Mobile’s services centre on a points system that rewards customer loyalty and for recommendations. These points can be used to offset phone bills and redeem cashback offers, including the likes of Grab, Spotify, Lazada and the Blizzard store (when topped up with Razer Gold).

Image: Grid Mobile

Mohamad Rizal, Senior Director at Grid Mobile, believes that this differentiating factor is key in allowing the telco to “integrate mobile plans into a consumer’s actual lifestyle”, making it “both useful and fun for the millennial consumer”.

Customers can earn 200 gridPoints on their birthday, 50 points for every additional month you remain on their network, and another 50 per referral per month – 250 per month within the first three months. Friends referred within the same three month period will also receive 250 points.

Referring two friends a month will offset the third phone bill by S$16.50.

Its premiere product is a SGD 24.90 per month plan that offers 20GB of data and 200 minutes of outgoing calls, 200 SMS messages, free incoming calls and caller ID.

The plan will also include 1GB of data roaming in Malaysia, paired with an additional SIM card with an extra 1GB of data and 25 minutes of outgoing calls and 25 SMS – perfect for a travel companion.

Customisability is also another strong point, with various add-ons for different users’ needs. Extra data comes in at S$13.38 for a 10GB top-up, and users can also extend their talktime by 100 minutes for just S$4.28.

Grid Mobile’s no-contract plans can be easily topped up for either a one-time 15-day period, or on a monthly basis for the same price per month. Image: Grid Mobile

These add-ons are available for one-time purchases that last for 15 days, but also for the long term as a monthly top-up for the same price.

In lieu of its launch, Grid Mobile has created a campaign encouraging youth to submit videos on YouTube, hashtagged #MINTMYMOBILE, that show how to “live life larger”. The top prize is a life-long mobile plan.

You can learn more about Grid Mobile here.

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