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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ voice actors reflect on the experience of voicing a blockbuster

The three “heroes” of Rockstar’s open world smash hit give their two cents about success, regrets, and controversy.


Grand Theft Auto V is still cutting a swathe through everything in its path.

Almost two weeks on from release the game is breaking every sales record in the books, making over a billion dollars in the first few days of its launch. With all the noise about the gorgeous visuals, immersive world, crazy gameplay, and all around insanity in GTA V, it’s easy to forget about three guys who had a huge hand in making the game what it is today.

The voices behind Grand Theft Auto V‘s three protagonists — Steven Ogg (Trevor), Shawn Fonteno (Franklin) and Ned Luke (Michael) — recently gave their thoughts about the launch of the game and its tremendous reception. Though they were working on the project for the past three years, the fact that it went on to become so wildly successful caught all of them off guard.

Ogg, not being a gamer himself, was particularly taken aback with the popularity of the game.

“Honestly it wasn’t until the release that I really got it. Even before the financial end of it, which I can’t grasp, seeing trucks in Tokyo with my face on them or the billboards in Brooklyn that were being hand-painted with Trevor’s face. That’s when the magnitude of this game started to sink in. It is a global thing,” he said to GQ.

Fonteno, who plays Franklin, revealed that he can relate to his character, having had his fair share of run-ins with the law before he got his life in order.

The three men also gave their opinion about the controversy surrounding Grand Theft Auto V, which came under fire from both critics and gamers alike for its shallow portrayal of women and some rather disturbing scenes, even by GTA standards.

“You see all the same stuff that’s happening in these games in comic books and TV shows. It’s just a script. We’re having fun. They have to treat this the same as they treat the movies,” they said.

Source: GQ

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