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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ pulls off $1 billion heist in just three days

After years of plotting, Grand Theft Auto V’s developer and distributor have managed to pull off one of the most successful heists in the history of video games by netting $1 billion after just three days of being in retail.


Say what you want about GTA V, Rockstar’s latest creation is a smashing success. One billion dollars generated in just three days from a single title is something you can’t ridicule. Sure, a lot of the game’s success in retail has a lot to do with marketing brilliance, and we just have to give credit where credit is due. Just for for reference, though, it took Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 half a month to pull off the same feat.

Various gaming press outlets have been raving about the game, and gamers from all corners of the globe seem to have been sucked into GTA’s expansive realm of humor and violence as well.

PC gamers that don’t own consoles are probably the only group that is missing out on all the car jacking festivities, but according to a recent report the PC port should be coming in November or December of this year. Take the PC release and the plethora of DLC follow ups on all the platforms and we can see that there’s still more gold coins for Take-Two Interactive to collect.

Source: IGN

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