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Grab Launches GrabFood Delivery App, Modelled On UberEats Acquisition

Grab has announced the launch of its own food delivery service, GrabFood, which is to be modelled after the service operated by Uber, whose Southeast Asian operations had been acquired by Grab in March.

GrabFood comes with promises that prices and variety will not disappoint users of the UberEats app it succeeds. Image: Grab Corporate Video

Grab is a ride-hailing service founded in Malaysia and headquartered in Singapore. The company operates its services in the Southeast Asian region, in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia. Just two months ago, the company’s landmark USD1.6b acquisition upset the global Uber dominance, making Grab one of the largest players in the region.

In the interim, Grab has been keeping UberEats alive despite ceasing operations at Uber at the start of May. In lieu of the launch of GrabFood, users will be invited to join the new platform. This process is expected to be completed by the end of May when the UberEats app will be made defunct.

Grab guarantees that prices will be kept the same as they were on UberEats, and that dining options previously enjoyed will be all available on the GrabFood app. Usage history on the UberEats app will be seamlessly brought into GrabFood.

Restaurants and Delivery-Partners can expect to be invited to join the GrabFood Merchant Driver App and the GrabFood Driver App in due course. No changes in compensation or business model are to be expected in the intermediate term.

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