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Grab Drivers Can Earn, Save More With Refreshed App

With its growing ecosystem of applications now involving payments, delivery services, ride sharing, and hotel and movie booking services, Grab now considers itself the region’s leading “super app”. A new, improved drivers’ companion mobile application is part of the company’s latest thrust to better engage with its suite of services, while better presenting key information for drivers.

These improvements focus on four key areas: a Discover Hub, Grab Benefits, Earnings Overview and Driver Profile.

Discover Hub helps drivers discover opportunities and tips and tricks to improve their driving experience with Grab. This might be through using their cars as a mobile billboard, or through in-car advertisements. Related opportunities within the Grab ecosystem would also provide alternate sources of revenue. Heat maps of app user activity, along with notifications of nearby events for a more efficient driving experience.

GrabBenefits gives easy access to discounts, deals and rewards for drivers. This means that drivers get to leverage on greater savings on fuel, mobile phone plans and on healthcare and dental services. 

Earnings Overview gives drivers greater oversight on their performance and earnings over time. An easily-understood interface enables drivers to take note of their income from various sources like fares, incentives, tips and commissions. 

Driver Profile celebrates drivers’ achievements and collates passenger feedback and compliments, providing breakdowns of ratings. This allows drivers to assess their performance and work on various ways to improve their performance.

Along with the upgraded driver application, Grab has implemented several features for driver-partner this year alone. 

A driver safety toolkit allows drivers to share their live location with loved ones, along with an alert button that puts them in contact with a security company in case of an emergency. A tipping function enables passengers to seamlessly credit drivers who provide excellent service. Automated ERP input simplifies things for drivers by eliminating the need to manually key in ERP charges. Prolonged Medical Leave insurance covers eligible driver-partners with the Emerald Circle program for lost earnings in case of illness and injuries.

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