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Many know GoPro for its line of action cameras that dominated and defined the industry, and have gone on to become the genericized term for all rugged, adventure-proof cameras – the way we ask for a “Kleenex” and where the “escalator” is. We know extreme sportspeople and thrillseekers GoPro their adventures, but few of us realise that GoPro makes mobile applications to help make the footage come to life.

The new GoPro app interface. Image: GoPro

To this end, GoPro has a main mobile application (simply called GoPro) that helps facilitate connected features including remote shooting and wireless transfer of media.

In 2016, the company purchased Replay, a mobile editing application, and had repackaged it as Quik, a standalone editing app that accompanied the main GoPro interface.

QuikStory, accessible from within the main GoPro app, was a follow-up feature that was designed to improve usability by automatically piecing together video clips and still images into a short, sharable format. The feature provided easily accessibly, royalty-free backing audio and title clips, and could work with clips that were not taken on a GoPro. Most of the features on the Quick app will find a new home in QuikStory.

GoPro has also refreshed the interface, and added flexibility in the editing process. For example, users can now apply multiple effects on different clips in the same project, and can also make edits to past QuikStory projects.

These changes are in effect and can be accessed with an app update on both Android and iOS platforms. GoPro also intends to provide improvements with single clip editing and added themes in the near future.

Ian Ling
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