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Google’s Project Tango Used to Tease Star Wars Augmented Reality

A recent video put out by Trixi Studios displays the new charismatic Star Wars droid, BB-8, in a “mixed reality” environment.  Mixed reality refers to the use of both digital and physical objects interacting on the same environment (often referred to as “augmented reality”).

These digital renderings offer us a small glimpse of the potential augmented reality has to offer.

Although in their early development, Google’s Project Tango as well as Microsoft’s Hololens are working to make this technology more widely available.  Recently, Microsoft released that their development kit for the Hololens would cost $3,000 USD, while Project Tango’s dev kit costs only $512 USD currently.

This Star Wars simulation is just one of several higher-end augmented reality teasers on YouTube these days.  Another large player in the augmented reality space, Magic Leap, teased this video recently, enthralling us with the potential of what this technology has to offer.

BB-8 isn’t the only character shown in the video.  We see a heavy amount of character interaction with the video’s creator fighting off digitally rendered versions of Stormtroopers and Boba Fett.

[youtube id=”xK5w7JW0dAg” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

Although it seems the animation work is in early form, the video demonstrates an exciting future for augmented reality and a tremendously fun potential of interacting with your favorite Star Wars characters in everyday life.

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